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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lava Lamps

This craft was very cool. We made our own Lava Lamps. So you need a water bottle, vegetable oil, food coloring,  and alkseltizer tablets. First you put in the oil then the water and you wait. Because they change places then you add drops of food coloring and you wait and then you add the alks. Aunt Traci was so good while we waited she kept the children busy by teaching them songs and playing games. 

Ready for lift off. It was so cool. The children loved it. 
Leah and Sarah could not take theirs home not on the plane but
now they know how to make it.

Sedona Part 2

This is more of what we saw in beautiful Sedona Arizona.

Sedona Arizona

This was the switch back to get to Sedona. It was just amazing.

Sedona was just beautiful. The only bad thing was Jacob was sick. So we were very fast. But it did get us out of a time share presentation and  we were glad about that.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Park Time

We were so lucky to get to this wonderful park and get out and 
run around and see the children play and interact with each other.