Welcome friends and Family

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Jacob aka Batman

Drew aka Spy

Jolley Family

Trunk or Treat

We had the same color of hair.

Emma aka Minnie Mouse

Kenny and Jessie

Fred, Nana and Emma


We came up to Beth's for dinner and for more trick or treating.
It was a great night to go trick or treat.

Emma took around Trevin and Laura and Jacob and they got a lot of candy their favorite was a nerd rope. They were pretty happy how much candy they got.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpking Carving





Jacob getting the seeds out.

Jonathan and Jacob working on the pumpkins.

David and Drew decided to paint their pumpkins.

She really knows what she is doing.


We had a good time over at the Jolley's carving pumpkins we had a great time eating and talking. It was a beautiful night.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Stranger Danger

Emma as Granny.

Emma with Mrs. Topham she was Emma kindergarten teacher.

Emma with students who loved the play.
This is Emma's favorite part she loves talking to the

Emma with Trevin they are great friends.

This little girl is named Emma to. She needed her picture with Emma.

Emma with Mrs. Reisin she was Emma first grade teacher.

Mr. Garfield  was her 4th Grade Teacher.

Emma as Granny Not So Bright.

Nana came down to see Emma perform her play.

Emma with her great friends she has made with this group.

We are just missing Kyler  he was not feeling to well.

Granny and Grandpa.

Bryon Bad Apple.

Taylor Hall  now have been in  the plays Tumbleweeds,
HighSchool Musical Jr, and Annie and another Halloween play.

Good Friends.

Grandma Great came and we saw Laura at South.

Emma was very busy she has been learning her lines for this great play.
And she is also in a High School play. She loves to be in plays.
They performed at Iron Springs, Three Peaks, North and South and Over to Enoch. It was so fun seeing all of her old teachers and  to be able to see cousins  and to work with some awesome kids.
After the play was over they did a  rap dance to ICE ICE Baby
"Stranger Danger, stranger danger , don't be fooled.
Stranger Danger, stranger danger, listen to the rules.
Don't go with Strangers- they are not your friends.
This is a rule that only parents can bend.
Strangers don't love you- like your parents do.
Don't go with Strangers-  no matter how they sound.
Don't go with strangers- when parents aren't around.
Never-ever be afraid to scream and run.
Shout it loudly dial 9-1-1.