Welcome friends and Family

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meeting Crew

This cute little baby is my friends baby Crew. He is such a miracle. I am so glad that because of face book and womens conference I have been able to keep in touch with Megan. You can link on Megan that is her blog about all the details. But Crew and Megan are incredible people and I am so glad that I know these people. So thanks for letting me spend a few moments to visit.

Friday, March 20, 2009

We are having Fun.

After watching the Biggest Losser the kids thought they might need some more padding and then the wrestling began. They are so funny. They have so much fun together. I am glad they are so happy and love to have fun. Don't you just love Jacob's face. He always makes the cutest faces.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Almost up to Date

I was able to go to SLC with out the kids to go to Kara and Chris recepetion. I meet Kara while I was going to College she was my roomate. We have been able to keep in contact with her. We are so excited for her at this time she will make a wonderful wife. She has been a good friend. She has always been a good sport about everything. And is so reliable and dependable. She has taught me many things over the years and she is a women of great faith.

The picture above is a picture with Janice, Dolly, Laurie and myself. Kara was our roomate along with Jennifer. So it was great to hang out with these neat girls once again. They are such good people. They each served a mission. And our so very commmited to the gospel. It has been great to catch up with them and their children. We were roomates while we all meet our future husbands. So we also know thier spouses. So we all get along great together. And most of our children are the same ages.

Before Janice and John moved to Japan we got together and the kids had a great time playing together we had a giant sleepover at Kara's house which was so much fun.

Dolly lives in Idaho with 5 childen she looks great and is still the same Dolly. Dolly is great mother and kind and a very nice friend.

These 4 cute children are Lori &b Cliff children they were so kind to let me stay at thier house while I came up for the reception. Lori has always been so sweet she is a kind mother and being a very kind friend. And she makes everyone laugh and feel at ease.

And this cute baby is McKayla she is Janice baby . She looks just like Janice she was so sweet and fun. Janice is an awesome mom and so very good. She has taught me so much about being brave and trusting in the gospel.

Stop in Beaver

On our way home we stopped at Beaver and finally took our pictures on the big chair. We have stopped here many time. But today we decided to take some pictures. At this stop there is a Dairy Queen and clean restrooms. So it is a great stop.
Plus it is a great photo op.

Do you know where we are?

If you guessed the last BYU home game you would be right. It was a way fun game. Sold out crowd. And they got to clip the net. The kids had a great time.
At the end we waited and were able to go on the floor and see Kathy Aiken KSL sports reporter. Totally awesome to meet her and take a picture.
They boys loved playing in the confetti it is everwhere. We even brought a little home with us.
And we got to see some very tall basketball players. This one is 6' 10. Grow Drew and Jacob.

Enjoying the game. It was loud and exciting to be there.

Anita & Ron Wells got our tickets and we are so glad they moved back to Utah so we can see them more often and enjoy our love of BYU games together. Anita is my friend from Junior High, High School and even College. So we have a great time being together. It was just our Birthdays. So Happy Birthday Anita. She is a great mother of 3 boys that are active. She has always been a loyal and a great friend. We were in a pagent together. We had lots of fun. Anita has always been great at having a listening ear. She has also been the other girl in her family with 2 b
brothers. Which Emma can totally relate with. So Anita has been a great friend . We even were in the same car. To learn how to drive. So when she finally got a car she would pick me up and take me to places. We even had a job were we worked before we went to our college classess. Those were the days of great fun. I am so glad Anita is still in my life. Thanks. And Go Cougars.
Jonathan and the kids now want to go once a year. They loved every minute of it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A few pictures from last weekend.

We were so blessed and very lucky to be going up to Salt Lake at the same time Grandma Barbara came to be with Aunt Linda . So we were able to visit with them both. So that was such a treasure. We love spending time with Aunts and Grandmas.

The reason we went up to SLC. Is to go to the open house of the Draper Temple. So the children would to get to see the temple and feel the warmth and the spirit and understands. They loved it. This is waiting for the bus to take us back down to the church. We had a great time. The temple was beautiful.

We were also able to see Callie, Zack, Whitney at dinner time. It was great to see family and to be part of a great family.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Few Little Things

I am working on a few things this year and this month. One is that I am trying to read all of the Standard Works in 1 year. It means at least reading 7 pages a day. Our 2nd counselor recommended it and has been doing it now for 3 years. I thought this was a big and neat goal. After being in my book Club now for 5 years and reading 800 pgs or more. I was feeling very guilty not reading the standard works as I should be doing. Also I got a Relief Society Academy from my mother in-law and wanted to see if I could accomplish some of the goals through out the year. So this month is Womens' s History. I just read an excellent article called "The Relief Society and the Church by Dallin H. Oaks., Ensign May.1992. It was excellent. I recommend you all to read it. I have been reading a few blogs lately of some incredible people that are great mothers, daughters and wifes and I have been so touched of how much women can accomplish great or small. I have been touched reading NIE NIE what a beautiful example she is to all of us. I would also recommend reading her blog. Just go over to my blinkie for this blog. Also I am grateful for my sister to help me in starting to Digital Scrapbooking. And for the great things and time that Ikea Goddess helps me with this project of digital scrapbooking. I have been so excited to do this project.
You might be wondering why I am writing so much. My voice has almost gone out and the kids are playing they were actually coloring and making things which is so good and sharing without fighting. Which is so amazing. Emma is playing the violin. And now the wrestling is beginning. Dear Jonathan is home making dinner letting me rest for a while so I am not really using my voice. Also I caved last night and watched the ending of the bachelor. I can not believe what is going on in the world and how sad this reality show has become I loved when Tristan was on but she has been the only one to show commitmfent and passion for one and only one person. But the men on the show they need to get a life. And figure out what is going on. So much for the dislike of this show. So happy day. And have some fun. I am now going to have dinner.