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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I should wait. But just can't

My bat pillow at the this time I can not remember where I saw it. But I made it today. So cute. I love it.
Past crafts I have made.

Owl cookies from oopseydaisy.

I got the advent calendar from oopsey daisy. To fun. Now we will have a contest to see who is the best each day to get the candy to eat.

I got the idea from poopies at play website. She did hers in black.

I had this great orange glitter vinyl so here it is.

This project I saw off of women's day mag. Done with black duck tape. I of course don't have black but yellow. I think it still looks great.

I should just wait. But how can I . I was so excited about putting up things for Halloween. I am only a few days early. So please bare with me. I just love that we have access to so many creative people that come up with some great ideas. The kids loved helping make the owl cookies. And they tasted great. I think they also loved taking them around. Jacob said after he saw the candy corn wreath. Can we eat those when Halloween is over. To bad they Hot glue all over them.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Primary Program parts

Drew did his hair all by himself.

Drew and Jacob both had thier parts memorized for the Primary program you could hear all the children say their parts and sing thier songs. They came right home and changed their clothes. But here are their parts. Way to go boys.

Some More Pages

Laura turns 6.

Jacob loves to swim.

Kellie Bridal Shower.

playing with a hat.

First Day of School in the 4th grade.

It is always so good to have good friends and good teachers.

Jacob was so brave.

Royce is getting so big.

Got to love BYU womens's conference.

Here are some pages that I made last week. They are from earlier this year. I love making my digital scrapping. It is so fun and the clean up is the greatest. I get my kits from all over the place. I love Grandma templates. And the monthly blog trains. There are so many creative people out there. I am so glad that they share with the rest of us.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Balloon Fest

The Outdoor Sky Fest was Frid- Sun so we had 2 fest on sat. So after going down town. We went to the Sky fest. To the Balloon glow. It was to windy so they did not have the balloons up but they did let you get in the basket and pull on the gas to get the fire. There were about 15 baskets out. And they would light them at different times. It was very cool. There was a concert so then the kids got up and danced. They had such a good time.

Outdoor Fest

Jacob loved playing in the fountain
Smokey the Bear

Jacob would love this.

Cooper and Jacob in an Army Hummer.

Mindy Gledhill

Kourtney called and told us that Mindy Gledhill was given a free concert at the Outdoor Fest. Mindy sings the song of off of Stephanie Nielson new life. She is friends with Stephanie Nielson. The concert was so good. She did a great job. I am so glad I had the chance to her her sing. Also my mom came with me. Earlier that day she watched the kids so that we could go to the temple. I have such a good mom. We also walked down the main street where they had 4 wheelers which Mom and Jacob feel in love . Except they are a ton of money.

Sand Hollow

Emily, Jade and Bree tried to help learn to knee board.
Lunch Break

Emma loving to be in the water.

Emma taking a break after learning to knee board.

Emma loved being on the tube.
For a Young Woman activity they took the girls down to Sand Hollow because Emma and Jade were at the Primary Activity I took them down to Sand Hollow. Everyone was so nice and they all had a good time they were many laughs and many way to go's. I loved how everyone helped each other and cheer each other on. It was a beautiful day. Emma tried to do the knee board she not get up but she had a good time. It was so neat to see the girls and the leaders try and laugh and have such a good time. What a great day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thinking of Matt

Today is a very sad and memorable day. I thought I would do okay today. I have thought about him a ton today. I just have not been in the mood to do any of my normal things. It did not help out that it windy, rainny out today. I even tried to enjoy myself at a party. Which I love getting together with people and hearing what is going on in thier lives. I have some pretty amazing friends. Which he always had in his life. Which I am so grateful for. He would help them move and help them do anything that he asked for. This year I really wanted to post to his friends or anyone that knew him. What he did specifically for them. But I was told that this might not work and that people probably did not want to share this information. I know that he taught many people how to drive. He taught people to have a good time. He was such a great example to my cousins. He even took one of them to Europe with him. Which I am glad he did.
He helped me out so much from buying me a nice beautiful winter coat. He hated my hot pink coats that I kept getting. To buying me new tennis shoes at Christmas time. To moving me when I was sick. And then thinking he was ahead of me to move. He had to keep stopping by the side of the road because he was sick. He was so good to my children and to even Jonathan. Yes he was very protective of me. Which I am so glad that he liked Jonathan it helped out so much. At one point I thought I can never get married. He hates everyone I date. At points I sure hated his protective nature. But was grateful for it as well. He is a great brother and I miss him every day. I am so glad that I have a chance to be his sister.
Anyways just some thoughts I was having today.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This is what I do when I am sick.

Just some pages I have been working on. I can not believe how big Princess has gotten. This is what I have been doing while I have been sick.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby Blessing

This was a while ago but I felt like scraping them today. I found another cute blog train named a name and blessing. Which I felt was so fitting for this cute baby Libby. She is so cute and has a great personality. I hope you enjoy.

Rodeo Fun

The Jolley family invited us to go to the rodeo with them. We had a great time. We stayed to the end so we can see the bull riding. Which is always the best part. Emma loved seeing the rodeo queens. She also got to see Charlotte and we had Jade and Coral with us. We had a good time and it was a beautiful night.
The one thing that bothered me was the goat roping for girls. The goat would be tied up and the girls would be the end of the gate and then ride real fast and then jump off thier horse and tie up the goat. Most of the time the goat would just lie down. It was so funny. I was told they made this for girls because the boys have calf roping. But in all serious it was to funny. Why do us girls want to be like boys. We have enough things to do already.
We had a great time at the rodeo and of course we had 2 bags of twizzlers. Which we shared with our friends.