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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Popping Bubble wrap

I just love bubble wrap. For me it relieves stress. I love to jump on it and pop it with my hands. Jacob also shares my love for bubble wrap.

The great stress relief. Only for a momment.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas was just wonderful

These are pages I have done. I thought I would share them before we get to Febuary. Time goes by so fast. We were out to Virginia this year and it was so great to be with family for as long as we were. I love Jonathan's family they are so good to us and the children. It is so fun to see everyone now as a mom or dad and to see all of the cute children. Everyone got along so well and they all just wanted to play with each other and spend time together. We had yummy food and we had to Christmas eve programs. They were excellent by Emman, Drew, and Ramona with the help of music from Aunt Traci.

We are so grateful for mom and dad Stathis who made it possible so we could come and stay with them. We had a great time going over to the Evan's family and going to church in the Annandale ward. Jonathan had great leaders and great friend while he lived back there.

Thanks for the wonderful Christmas.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Far behind

Do you ever feel that you are so far behind that you will never catch up. Well right now that is how I feel. I want to post more pictures of christmas because I had the best time with my children and with my in- laws and with my dear hubby. It was just beautiful and very nice to have a break. I really need to get on to my baptism book that I uneed to be doing. Ramona has been baptized a year and Emma 5 years ago. And Jylinn in September. I just love the way Drew's turned out.

Also I thought I was all caught up on my project life for 2009. I really want to print it. And found out I could print it on blurb book it would be cheaper that way. When I looked at an example my book was missing a second side to it . So that is what I worked on today. So I just need to make a cover and then I want to send it in. On project life 2010 I was looking through that and found I used 2 pictures from the net . So I took pictures of those things and now need to replace them. I would like J to edit the text but I do not think he has time. He did edit till March. So I need to read some more and get that ordered.

I keep blog stocking and people are doing wonderful things out there. I need to organize the house before summer time comes. Or it will not happen again till Aug. Well enough talking. I think my time out is done. I better go put the kids to bed.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gingerbread homes

Grandma is always so kinds and lets the children make cookies with her and make a Gingerbread home with her. The kids have a lot of fun making these with her. So thanks Grandma for the great fun of making Gingerbread homes together.

Sarah Leah and the Washingon DC Temple

This is what happens when we wait in line to long.

Leah not to sure about Uncle Jonathan.

It was a very cold night.

What a beautiful night.
Love Leah's bunny hat.

They are both so very sweet.

On Sunday we were introduced to David and Traci new daughter baby Sarah she is so sweet and she is only 4 months old. We were also able to see Leah again. She has grown so much. We were all able to go to the Washington DC Temple and see the lights and the vistor center had a concert which featured Jenny Oaks Baker. We should have figured that there would be lots of people to see the lights and the concert so it was very busy. We ended up staying in line for about an hour and 15 minutes in line. To see Jenny Oaks Baker. But the kids endured and it turned out great. they loved her. And her children even performed with her. But it was so fun to get to see her and to see the cousins again. What a great day.

Going to Mount Vernon

Papa and Drew

Emma would love to have this be her home.

Drew with the sign they use on National Treasure 2 to get in the tunnel

Overlooking the Potomatic.

I am not sure if Grandma and Papa are ready for this much fun.

For Christmas one year George Washingon brought Martha a Camel . The camel was named Aladin. He was so very soft.
The turkey that was pardoned.

Beautiful trees.

love the plates on the Tree

A statute of the Washingtons and the Stahis.

Driving in the van.
Wow what a neat place. We have not been back to Mount Vernon since ema was very little. It is so cool. They have this awesome exhibt of George Washington and all the amazing things that he did. What a great man. We were able to go on a National Treasure 2 tour. It was amazing the night before we watched the movie. And paid close attention to the things we would be able to see at Mount Vernon.Wewere not dissapointed. It was amazing. Thanks Grandma and Papa for taking us to Mount Vernon.

Thing we did before we left on our trip

Emma singing with her In-Tune group at a Christmas party.

Jacob having fun with his friend.
Mom encouraging Jacob to do his homework.

Jonathan now has worked for the city for 10 years. Where did the time go.
Emma and Jade after thier vilion concert

I can't believe how fast the month of December comes and goes. We were busy every second till the time we got on our plane to visit the Grandparents. With homework, concerts, christmas programs that Emma was in. To doing the everyday thing do doing laundry, making beds and cleaning the house. To visiting teaching to letting the hometeachers come by. To taking our gifts around to our neighbors. To packing , sending christmas cards. and even a work christmas party and even tithing settlement was done. And even a basketball practise was held. We sure crammed a ton of things in the first part of December. And it was all worth it.