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Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Traci

We are so glad Traci is part of the family. She is so fun to be around. She is very talented. She braided Emma's hair a few times. She is an excellent mom and her children love her very much. She is a great wife. She is so good to David. She is so good to all the children. She is a great Young Women President. She has been a wonderful Sister in law. We just want her to know that we love her so much. And have a wonderful birthday.

Monday, August 27, 2012


My favorite actress Emma aka Mrs. Pugh
She did a great job.

Emma with a new friend that she meet.
That is her favorite thing about being in a play is meeting
new people.

Emma with Ms. Hannigan

Emma with Grace aka Tori Brown

Emma with the oprhan Molly aka Marissa Taylor

With Rooster aka Reece Brown

Punjba aka Ethan Anderson

Daddy Warbucks aka Taylor Hall

Star to be aka Starr Brown

Orlando and Olivia Shamm

Emma with Jewly Krause

Emma with girls from the Cross Country Team

Annie aka Macy LeCheminant

Miss Hannigan aka Kayla Robertson

Wendy Anderson and Denise Demille

Saturday, August 25, 2012

SUU Watermelon Bash

Jonathan, Emma and I meet this great guy up to Girls Camp.
He is a returned missionary and he is from Las Vegas. He is going to 
be a great football player.

We saw Cooper he is such a great kid.

Jacob had a great time defending the goal.
All the teams were there plus there was a ton of watermelon.

Family Festival

It was the Family Festival this weekend. So we were down town
and they started with the Red Wagon Parade. So it was fun to see some
of our friends in the Parade.

Emma still loves the Princess. 

It is so fun when you know the Princess with Makayla Cox and Brooke Hyde.

These boys are growing up a little to fast.

Later this night we went to the Heritage center where I was asked to read my nomination for first place. The Denise and Jerald Demille family with their Daughters. They are the Directors for Emma's play. They won first place and we got a gift basket for nominating them. We were super busy on Saturday.