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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boat Races up at the Stathis Resvior

The Young Men and Young Women in our ward was given a challenge and a fun activity to make a boat with cardboard and duck tape. They had to race each class and then the racers raced each other. It was such a fun activity it brought togetherness. And brought lots of parents to watch. Emma was a rider for the beehive class. Her and Britney could not turn around so they drifted down the lake. The boys had a great time seeing their sister ride in a boat.

I see clearly now

We went to a new eye Dr. in town and Emma went from having glasses to having contacts. It took her many tries but she was able to get them in. She has lost one and now she is a pro and she just loves them. She was so funny when she got them in for the first time she said " I can See" about 10 times it was so funny.

We found out Drew needs glasses for the chalkboard. So he was measured for glasses. He likes them a little. It is hard to just only wear glasses for a little bit. So he is not quite used to them.

But he choose a really great pair. So maybe now we can see a little bit more clearly.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jacob 8th Birthday

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
Nana and Nancy were down in St. George so they were able to come up for birthday dinner and the family party.
My new 8 year old.

Jacob was so cute he loved everything that he got. He was so excited to have a birthday.

Summer Movies

We got movie tickets for this Summer because we did not go to the movies that much. So it has been so fun to go to the movies. We have only 2 more movies left. I can not believe how fast the summer is going.

Cars 2

It was so fun to see Cars 2 with the cousins and the Bryant cousin. It was a good show. The kids loved the spy part in the movie. I love when you can see a good movie with all of your family.

Jacob Star Wars Party

Yoda Soda. Was the favorite.
More Light Saber Trainning.
Finishing the obstacle course.
My young Jedi.
Young Padwan's may the force be with you.

In honor of C3 PO.
Hoth Pops, Space Rocks
Light Saber Cake.
My good friend Zu and her husband help me make the Death Star Pinata.

Light Sabers and Wookie Cookies.

Jacob had a great time at his friend birthday party. We did a Obstacle course, A Droid Clone war, Then they were awarded their Light Sabers. Then they kept up a balloon with their light sabers. When we went outside 2 of the balloons flew to the roof of the house. The kids loved the snacks. They all had a great time. I was able to go to Pin Interest and get my signs for all the different food that we had. Also I went to google.com and found ideas for the games . I just love that people will share the ideas.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ellen Pucell

I found this from a new article written on aug 4 1991 in the Desert News. A man in our ward shared her story and I thought it would be great to talk to the kids about it. They were so glad to see this great woman

Ellen Pucell was born in England in 1846, and at age 9, began the trek to Utah with her parents and a sister as part of the ill-fated Edwin Martin Handcart Company. The company began the trek across the plains late in the season in 1856, and became snowbound before it reached the Salt Lake Valley.

Some 135 to 150 of the party's members, including the girl's parents, died of starvation and exposure before rescuers from Salt Lake City reached them.

When they reached the Salt Lake Valley, both of the young girl's frozen legs had to be amputated just below the knee - an operation that had to be performed with a butcher knife, carpenter's saw and no anesthetic. She hobbled about painfully on the stubs of her legs for the rest of her life.

At age 24, she moved to Cedar City to become the plural wife of William Unthank. She gave birth to six children.

Living in poverty in a one room log house with a dirt floor, Unthank took in washing and knitted socks to help make ends meet. The local bishop and Relief Society brought her food, and once a year, Unthank and her children returned the kindness by cleaning the meetinghouse. She died in Cedar City at age 69.

Parowan Gap

On the 24th we decided that it would be cool to go and see Parowan Gap. It was a nice day and then it started to rain. But the kids loved being up and about.