Welcome friends and Family

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference

It is that great time of the year when we get the beautiful meeting with the children's teachers. I have decided it is better to talk to the teachers by myself or with DH. DH was busy so that meant I went by myself. And then go home and talk with DH about what went on. The children are doing good with a few improvements that can be made. I just wish all teachers could tell you that you are doing a great job and that they love having your children. And that other parents would not come in the room and interupt your time. So that you do not feel so rushed. It all went well. And once again my children are my favorites and they are so good to me . S o I am very blessed.
P.s. #1 is in the playoff with soccer which she is totally excited about. So go stinging bumble bees.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Great Friend, Brother, Matt

I wanted to say something about this awesome person. I was so lucky to have known and associated with this person. He was so kind and very friendly. He gave service to everyone he meet. He made me laugh and cry. And laugh once again. He showed me the meaning of true friendship and devotion to his mother and grandmother. And how much he loved his family. At this time of the year I really miss him and wish he was around to tell him I love him. So grab your child or your sweetheart and tell them that you really love them. Cause that is what it is about. So I love you Matt. You are my super hero.
About this kind of person I could go on forever. I am so glad that I knew him and that I had a good time with him. And that he helped me out so much in my life. I am glad that he showed me how to have a great time and an adventure of a lifetime.. And that he lived his life to the fullest and saw so many beautiful things on this earth and said kind things about everyone.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Head Cold Don't You Just love them

I think I made my husband almost faint when I was going out and said that I would be back in a minute. I actually had to drive get my yummy cheesecake and came back home in about 10 minutes. Because I have an awful cold. So I have been sleeping and using as much kleenex as possible. It has been awful. # 3 has loved all the t.v & movies he has been able to watch. But I feel as if I am getting better which is great. But I have to be slow or I get a little dizzy. #1 has been super busy with piano and violin and with ballet and with socceer but she loves it all. #2 has been busy with socceer and piano and once again another loose tooth. Which you all know drives me crazy. He is on a field trip today and I am sure will have a great time up in the mountains.
DH has been great with putting the children to bed and even made dinner last night which was a big help.
All is good here.
Blog soon.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time to start Flying

I have just looked around my house and really decided that I need to get back to doing what the fly lady says. And do things just 15 minutes and get this house back into shape. Before I go really crazy. And then it goes all down from this direction. I appreciate my house much better when it is clean and I know where things are. This also started because as I was looking for #2 homework over this Labor Day weekend I can not find it. I know he has some because I did see it on Friday before we left for our campout. So therefore it is in this house somewhere. And just maybe I will find it.
So I challenge you to. Just 15 min a job and see if you can find your house again.

Monday, September 1, 2008


For August I finshed 2 books. Breaking Dawn the last of the Twlight series. I am very glad this series is over it was fun. But I have read better books. But I am glad I took the time to read these books. By far I liked Twlight the best . It will be fun to see how the movies will turn out. And it was fun to know what all the excitement was for these books.
The next was the The Friday Night Knitting Club. This was choosen by my book club. It was slow to start out with and then it got pretty good. The thing I learned most about this book was that. We all need friends and family with understanding and that we need people to talk with and share things with. I am so blessed that I have a good family and good friends. Thank you so much.
So if you want to read a book these are pretty good books.
So get reading.

Labor Day Fun

We just got back from camping. We sure had a great time being with family. And riding big 4wheelers and having some great crafts to do. And no we did not see any bears.
My sister is so great to have gotten us all to be organzied and we have seen some beautiful mountains we have been places where it has rainned alot, cold, windy, hot. This place it rainned mostly at night and once in the day for a very short time. Enough time that the boys had a great wrestling match inside the tent.
The children love going camping and spending time with family. This has been a great new tradition and we love it and we are so very grateful that we have such a fun family.
The kids are all getting so big so it is fun to play games with them and have them go exploring we had the whole campground to ourselves it was the best ever.
Thanks family.

Time is Flying bye

I was told if I was going to blog. That I needed to do it more. So here I try to go at it again. Child #2 did loose both teeth and big new ones are taking thier places but once again we still have 2 more loose teeth to go.
Big news is now they are all in school what a big joy and big blessing. So far so good. They love thier teachers and being with friends everyday. This is the only school that all three of them will be in at the same time. So it is a big moment to really cheerish only having to go to one school to things that they are involved in.
Also we started soccer which has been fun and exciting at the same time. We have practise which take a lot of time and sometimes we have back to back games. But they love it and have a great time running around and staying fit.