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Friday, April 23, 2010

Sweet Angels

Thanks to our wonderful friend Amy who is now our angel.

Cute little face.

Drew really not believing we have a new dog.

Jonathan getting to know our new dog.

I got call a call right before we had FHE from Amy saying that she told this Lady about the events with our Sweet Bella and that she wanted to give Emma a dog. But really it was her nieces dog. I was not really sure if this was going to work out . So after FHE Amy called again and came and picked me up and we went to this kind Lady home and there were 2 cute puppies walking around. The little girl had a pink and black dress on it. But the boy was all fluffy. But I took one look at that dog and thought this is for Emma and she is going to love it. But I thought it was to good to be true. So I decided I bet act on it or it would never come again. Even though Emma said in the summertime to start looking again. I just did not think it would happen. I am still so upset about what happened with Bella.
So we brought this cute black and white dog home she is a shihtzu beagel mix. Her mom is the shihtzu and the dad is a beagel. They were so active and very friendly dogs. This was so kind of these 3 Ladies that helped out our very sad situation and made life all better again.

Pedicure Fun

Thanks Jodi for a great time.

Whose foot is this?

We even had 3 little helpers with us.

It is always fun to get together and have a girls nite out. For this girls nite out we went over to Seval's and Jodi came over and we had pedicure and learned about Mary Kay. I just love thier products. Jodi was so sweet with the girls. We had a great nite. We even had great snacks to eat. Don't worry about the boys . Jonathan took Drew and Jacob bowling. They had a great time. Jonathan got another turkey. So fun was had by all.

Sweet Kind Spirited Bella

Emma with Bella and Emily and Nikki

Break Time

With her cute jacket on.

This dog touched all of our hearts so much. She was so good to come home. She did not cry at all to be in the kennel on the drive home. She loved when Emma and I held her. She would follow us around and want to be just by our side. She loved playing with the boys. I would take her down to the bus stop and put her in this cute coat. She looked so good and funny at the same time.

Emma loved showing her all of her friends. She was so cute with LuLu and with the Burrs and Jolleys. She was so kind and loving.

On thursday she passed away. I was so upset. When I called Jonathan I was just a mess. I could not believe this cute dog had passed. How was I going to tell Emma. So I glad Amy Huseas and she ran over and tried to save this sweet dog.

Kourt came over to give support.

When Emma came home she was so supper sad. She could not believe it. This dog really touched our hearts. It hurt so bad.

The boys were also so very upset.

Emma sweet friends came up to the house to be with her and to let her cry and talk.

They were so sweet and kind.

Jacob went and played at Ethans. Drew went over to Kourt's house. I stayed home and cleaned the house up.

Emma told everyone that we would have a funeral at 7pm.

Kourt was so sweet she brought us over dinner.

Dinnertime was so sad everyone felt sad.

The best was when Jacob said when is Jesus coming I am ready for the ressurection.

I am so glad that we know about the gospel and about the Plan of Salvation. I know it sounds dumb to be sad over a dog. But she was so sweet and kind and barley even barked.

We had her funeral at 7 The Burrs, Jolleys and Emily and Aubree and Sam came over. We said some words and then burried her in the backyard. Kourt also went and bought some flowers that we planted on top of the grave.

We really have people that care about us. Which makes this life go by so much easier.

The lessons we have to learn.

We surely miss our sweet Bella.

Family Home Evening Joys

Drew reading some scriptures.

We love to sing.

Jumping for Joy. I saw on someone blog to show you jumping.

I thought this would be fun to try. But my camera is to slow.

Before it even started.

We went Stk Conference and they really suggested that we do a better job at having Family Home Eve. My kids love FHE and if we have it on a different night they ask all week we we are going to have it. The kids love to conduct and pick the song. When they were little we used to play ring around the rosie and London Bridges. Tonight they went outside and played ball and Emma and I made shakes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Bowling with the cousins.

Pictures from the summer. I am trying to take pictures of my card. But I have to scrap book them . So if you see old pictures. I am always trying to catch up.

April Visiting Teaching

This is what I made to give my visitng Teaching Ladies. I think it turned out pretty good.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

You might notice our new front picture

Right Before we got Bella

Emma meeting Bella for the first time.
Bella and her mom.

Getting to know Bella. Love these Spring Flowers

Emma and Afton enjoying Bella.

Saying Goodbye to Nana.

Stopping in Beaver.
For Emma's birthday we suprized her by getting this dog Bella from one of Sarah's neighbor. So this was the weekend we were able to go get her. We went over after the baptism and Emma meet her. Before she was so excited and just could not keep from smiling. She had a collar and a leash. The only request Uncle Dan had was if we could let her spend 1 more night. So that she would not cry all night. So Emma and the cousins were able to play with her and take her to Kate soccer game and play in the park with her. We then finally got her sunday afternoon and drove home. She was so good she stayed in her kennel and slept for most of the time. The boys wanted to hold her but Emma wanted her just to rest. We have decided to keep her in the kennel to sleep because Emma is quite the wild sleeper. When we got home Emma wanted to show her to the Kastanes and then Jade and Seval came over. She was so happy that everyone likes her dog as well. This will be a new adventure for all of us. So far she has been so calm and so kind. Not even a bark out of her. Emma is just so excited. At one point at the cousins she went outside. And just jumped up and down and was so excited. I think she does not really believe that she has it. Also while we were up at the cousins they put makeup on Emma. And then when got home KT gave her some tips. So here I have a tweenager and a new dog owner. The reason for her name is that the mommy owner named the dog. Emma thought this was a great and easy name and it just seems to be perfect for her.

Jocelynn Baptism

With her Mom and Dad
With Big Brother Dylan

With her Aunt Kathryn

With her Grandparents and Nana With Jacob
With Uncle Jonathan

With our Family

The Super Cute Bryant Family

Drew , Jocelynn and Jacob

With her Nana

We had such a wonderful time up at Jocelynn baptism. Sarah made great food. Jocelynn was such a sweet girl. She loved playing with her cousins and her friends. Everyone gets along so well. The only missing was The Wagner family we sure missed them. Thanks Bryant family for a wonderful weekend.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Drew Parent Teacher Conference

Drew's parent teaching conference was different this year. They did a presentation and then there were different centers. So we could see what he did durning his day. Like a science and math and writing center. Drew has really enjoyed school. He did a great job with his part.
Pictures of his readers play.

Showing Dad what he learns in science

Drew and Ms. Heap

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

These pictures might be old but new in a new way

Dylan and Drew have the same Birthday. It was fun to spend the day together with these cute boys.
Wards trunk or treat.
Halloween and the day after counting the candy.
A way fun game that Seval had for us. One part of us had to be decorated like a mummy. Way fun.
The kids just love Halloween. So I thought I better scrap them. So I can have more room on my card. Maybe if I can find the right card we can put Emma's birthday up and Easter.