Welcome friends and Family

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am grateful for pictures.

Going on our first cruise. Happy Days
Meeting Pres. Uchidorf.

Emma in her first play that people paid to come.

Time after they spent with Dad playing Laser tag and going to in-n-out

A picture when we were waiting in line to go see Harry Potter 7

I am grateful for pictures. I just love how they can document what you are doing. I love that you can see them right off your camera. I love that you can share them I love the faces that they show. Sometimes only when a camera comes out. I love blogs that have pictures and I just love pictures. So I am also grateful for my camera. And I am grateful for all the great models that I have to take pictures of.

I am grateful for our house

I am grateful for my house. That I can have some place that my children can come to and feel warm and have saftey from the world. That they can laugh and learn and that family can stay and feel at home. I am thankful to my mom and sister who always help me keep it clean and help when ever needed. Thank you so much. I am thankful that my sister Sarah has helped me paint my house and showed me that it is not to bad to change things up. And my father-in-law to help paint my kitchen and with all the other projects that he helps with when ever he comes. I am grateful for Jonthan so that we can have such a nice house. So yes I am very grateful to have a home to have.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am grateful for games

I am grateful that there are fun games out there to be played. For Jonathan's birthday we played Apples to Apples and we also played for thanksgiving. On thanksgiving we played Buzz word . On a different occassions we have played quelf.

I am grateful for Black Friday

I have to owe this one to my sister Sarah. She is the one that got me in on the Black Fridays. Usually this a day where a lot of things that you want or need will be at a very low price. We have had some crazy stories. This year was even crazier than last year. We love on thursday when the ads come out and we get to look and hope that the item that we want will be at a low price. This year the main store was open at 2 different times. Which in the long run we stayed up all night. But we always have a good time. And we have good children that will now just play. And they usually get up later to. So it all works out. So thanks for all the good employees and for a great sister and brother-in-law to make it all the fun. And special thanks to my cousin Josh for making it even better.

I am grateful for family time

I am grateful that I can be with my family. I am grateful that we can have so much fun together. When we are together we have so much fun. I am so grateful that we can laugh and that we can play games together and be able just to communicate with each other. I had Drew and Dlyan help make gumdrop turkeys. They turned out great. Thanks to all my wonderful family near and far.

I am grateful for food

I am grateful for food. Especially on thanks giving . I love turkey. I love sweet potatoes. Which I made a new way which I love they turned out so good. I love my grandma murray stuffing it is always so good. I love that she knows just exactly how to make it. I love the yummy pies. Hilary made 2 delicious pies. I loved the mashed potatoes and gravey and I do love food. I love how food can be a great comfort. My mom brought some vegetable soup and the moment I tasted it. It transporated me back in time when we would have that soup as a child . What comfort it brings.

I am grateful for Eagle Scouts

The Kastanes famiy.
Jimmy gave Jonathan a mentor pin for helping him out.

Eagles Nest

I am grateful that Jonathan helped these young men become Eagle Scouts. I am grateful for the Scouting program. How it helps teach the young men so many different things. I am grateful Jonathan is willing to help out the young men in our ward. Thank you to all the hard working scout leaders.

I am grateful for the Bishopric

I am grateful for the Bishopric for all that they do in behalf of my ward family. I am glad that they add humor and are so nice to all of us.

I am grateful for Missionaries.

I am so grateful that I was able to serve a mission. I am grateful for our ward missionaries what a great example they are to me and to my family. I was thinking about my mission today and what a wonderful time and how hard it was. But it was a great two years. My brothers said it was his best two years.

I am grateful for Home Teachers

I am grateful for Home Teachers. What a great thing it is to have great hometeachers. We have been able to meet in the park and also be able to have great lessons. What a great time we have had with them. Thanks to our home teachers.

I am grateful for the Church house

I am very grateful for a beautiful that I can go worship in. It is a beauitiful place to go. We have had the opportunity to clean the church a few times. What a wonderful experience this has been.

I am also grateful that the children can go here for Young Women's and for scouts and for all the many activites that we do up at the church.

I am grateful for my car

I am very grateful for my van and my car. I am grateful that we have 2 working cars that get us around where we need to go and to protect us. I am grateful that I know how to drive.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am grateful for scriptures

I am very grateful for the scriptures that I can read and study every day. They are truly a gift from God. I am so glad that I can read that I can know of Jesus Christ and thier plan for me and each one of us. What beautiful messsages they have that I get to know. I am so grateful for prophets who teach and guide the ways. With these wonderful tools in place.

I am grateful for Drew

I am grateful for Drew what a great little boy he is . Who would ever guess that he came into to the wold only weighing in at 3lb 6oz. He is just great. He loves to wake up early and catch the bus. He loves doing well in school. He loves reading and he loves hanging out with his friends. He is a great soceer player and will start basketball in just a few weeks. He does a great job on the piano but gets very frustrated when he does not get it right the first time. He also joined the lunch bunch choir this year and seems to be really enjoying this. I am so grateful Drew is in my family. I love him so much.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am grateful for this beautiful earth.

I am so grateful for this beauiful earth that we get to live on. The beautiful things that I get to see with my eyes and smell and hear. I love the changing of the seasons. I love to look at the water. I love to hear the wind make the trees move and then the leaves come off the tree. I love the way the clouds move and the way the snow covers the ground. And how excited the kids are to see the snow. And how fast the snow boots come out of the closet. I love that we live in such a beautiful place.

I am Grateful for Music

I am grateful for Music my cute Little Emma sang a solo in Church on sunday she did a great job. She has loved being in In-Tune a singing and dancing and acting group. She has already grown so much. I love beautiful music. I am so glad that there is music in my life. The children all started back up with piano. Which has been so nice. Also Emma is playing the vilion. I love when they come home from primary singing the songs. What an impact music is in our lives. These are some of my favorites that I have the pictures. So go and check them out. I am also grateful for Jessie to play such beautiful music. What amazing talent she has. Thanks Jess for your great devotion to music. Music is the best.

I am grateful for my computer

I am grateful for my computer so that I can blog and that I can read other blogs and that I can do my digital scrapbooking on. Also that I can play games and make movies listen to music watch movies. I am grateful that I live in a time where a computer is a wonderful thing to have.
I am also grateful that I learned how to type. What a valueable skill it has been in my life.