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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you Gifts

The children have really enjoyed thier teachers this year. Not any big problems. I saw this idea while I was blog stocking. People are so creative. So this is what the kids will give thier teachers tomorrow. I can not believe that we are finally at the end of the year.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy Weekend

project that took 2 hours to make.
The Jolley Family at Royce 1st B-day

Jacob got to dress up to go to his b-day party.

The boys with Royce. In his traditonal Korean outfit.

We had a Busy Weekend starting with the Ward Party it was a Slice of Happiness based around pies. I made 2 pies and they got first and 2nd place for apperance. While we were at the party they had a pie eating contest. Of course I did not bring my camera and Emma decides to select herself to be in it. She came 4th place out of 6. Oliver, Matt Riddle were first and 2nd but they are in college and in high school and then Copper Jesen a first grader come in 3rd then there were William and Matthew Riddle the 2 younger Riddle boys. She gave it her all. It was a big mess. But she had a great time. Then we came home and cleaned and got ready for Kellie's Bridal shower at 10 am the next day. But everyone pitched in and helped me out a lot. Then after the party Jacob had a b-day party to go to. Then we went to the Business Expo we had a great time. We saw this new musical group in town that Drew and Emma want to join. I think that will be fun for them. Then I came home to rest Drew had a friend over and Jonathan went to work and then Emma went over to Jade's B-day party and then we went over to Royce B-day party. I can not even believe that he is one time goes bye so fast. It was Callie and Whitney Birthday so we called them and your present will be on the way. I am just way behind. For Sunday we had yummy crockpot roast. We called the grandparents and had a good visit with them. And then I haved been working on my hot prints free book. Listening to Celbrity Appr in the background. I loved when they announced Brett Michaels as the Winner. He has really grown on me. Not that I am a huge fan or anything. So that has been our weekend. Next weekend should be just as fun being Memorial Day. But we also getting special vistors. We are so excited. I will post next weekend to let you know who they are.

Kellie's Bridal Shower

Kellie and her sisters and her friend Brea.
Kellie and her Grandma

Seval, Kellie, Kathryn Jacob was taking the picutre.

These good women won a game and they got to wear crowns.

Having Fun at the Shower.

I just love Kellie. I remebered the day she moved in with her family. We were so excited to have a family with children. She came and watched my children so Jonathan and I could go on a date. She has played football in the backyard. It has been so fun to watch her grow up. We used to go to her softball games when she was in High School and came over to the house for about anything. She has always treated everyone around her like they are her best friend. She has been a great example. So we wish her the best in this new adventure in her life.
I hosted Kellie Kastanes Bridal Shower we played the purse game, Famous Couples, Do you know the bride, Does Kellie know Waylon. Then we had muffins, fruit and brownies. We had a great turn out. It is always so great when we have great support.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What we have been up to.

A late Mother's day photo shoot with Drew.

Jacob love riding 4 -wheelers.

Emma last book report a 6 sided cube.
It will be so nice when the school year is over. It has gone bye way to fast. I think we all need the break. I hope that we can do a lot of fun things this summer. My children are growing up way to fast. I do know that Emma will be competing in the Utah Summer games for soccer which will be way fun to watch.
On saturday we when out to 3 peaks with the Jolleys, Burrs and some other friends we had a good time eating and riding 4-wheelers the weather was just great it was great to get the mind off of other things. We live in such a beautiful land. My camera died so I only have a few pictures.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Grandma's Hands

This is sweet Grandma on the bike. She rides for 5 minutes and then has a break. Then rides for 5 minutes. She does this all together for 15 min. She is quite the rider.
Today Barb worked with her speech as she ate. To see how her swallowing is doing.
So she can get off of having nectar in everything she drinks. She is doing so well at talking. And she is being very loud.

This is her with the hand bike. Since she is taking her parkinson med.
She is able to do this.

Her sweet kind hands. She gets her hands painted by Connie.
She just loves to have her fingernails painted.

My Grandma's Hands I guess this is important to me. Is that it is has been a long time since I have seen my Grandma's hand not shake and not so curled up. My grandma has had many strokes in the last week. We almost thought that we lost her. Which was unbearable. I know she has lived a long time. But we all still need her. And then she made an amazing recovery where she is able to walk and to talk. She is still working on her swallowing. Another part of this that has been so hard. Is when she was not saying correct things and she was so scared. But her hands where still relaxed.One time I came in the room and it looked like she was sewing with both of her hands it was so amazing. I am looking at her so different along with myself. As my cousins each came in the room. We all have her lips. And she has worried about each one of us. I think all we can do each day is our best. And love to the fullest. I am glad that I have been able to help. She has helped me all of my life. I will probablly keep updating because she is such the fighter. Another great example to keep on going.

More Scrap pages

I think we are still going thru winter.

I feel I am so behind. Here are a few pages I did while I could not get the internet. Using us the pictures that were on the card.