Welcome friends and Family

Monday, November 30, 2009

First Ever Outdoor Challenge

The Bryant Family Challenged us to Wii Outdoor Challenge. We got ready. But we were no match to their secret weapon. Dylan is a pro he is so light and so great. We had so much fun. So we are going to have a traveling trophy. So next time we see each other game is on. We had a great time being together this Holiday season. Great idea Sarah. Of course the losers have to make an L sign to show we are the Loser. Good thing we all had fun and a good work out.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Look What I just found.

If any of you want to go. Just start planning now. because we have lots and lots of fun.
I loved this book. And I just can't wait to see what they are going to do with this movie.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Seval

I am so lucky to have Seval in my life. She is such an awesome, fun, friend. I am so glad that she can make me laugh. And that she goes along with some of my crazy ideas and that she wants to have fun. She has helped me out so much in my life. She is so good with my kids. I just love how kind and fun she is She uses her ears to hear me and her heart. She sets me straight when I am all in a huff. I am so glad that I can be me around her. I love that she wants to include everyone and has such a big heart for others. What a big blessing she has been in my life. So I hope you have a great day. A prayer was answered when you moved to Cedar City. So thank you very much. I think we need to take more pictures of the 2 of us and all the fun things we do.

Yes I went and saw it.

That is New Moon. I read all these books. I did not like #2. I guess because it reminded me of me. Not that I ever fell in love with a vampire or a wolf. But that when I was dating in High School it was hard. And sometimes love was not fun. I did not realize until years later. I did not even realize that it was hard on my family and especially to my sisters. I am so grateful that I got a great blessing at the end of my sweet Jonathan who I would never trade. I am so grateful that I have him. Enough about my younger years.

Before the movie we had dinner and then went and waited in line. We had a great time we had 12 people with us. Which made for a very good time. Good thing for winter coats and a great wind to get us all ready to see a good movie. I love how it followed the book so well.

The Passing of a Toy

Saying goodbye to an old friend.

For Halloween one of our cute little friends baby. Was dressed like Baby Bop. I asked her if she loves Barney. She said she just loved it. While I remembered that we have a Barney that talks and it even talks with the t.v. So Emma and I decided that she would love this toy. This is probably very silly. But I love when my children can see that the toys that they once loved That someone else might love it to. I can not believe that it has taken us so long to find someone that loves Barney.He was so good in the day for Emma. Drew and Jacob did not get into Barney as much as Emma. At first Miley was scared and then she warmed up to him and said thankyou. It was so cute.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We got our railing put in.

After months of waiting. We had Ron Riddle put in our railing. He did a great job. We are so glad to have our dinning room table back in the middle. It is so pretty I am so glad that it is finished. I love when people do the work they say they are going to do in a good time. I learned a lot about Jonthan job with this project and what he has to deal with on a daily basis. I am so glad Jonthan has paitence and I am glad to have our house in some what of an order. Glad for good hard workers.

Just a few quick pages,

I just found a few quick pages. That I wanted to put these quick pictures in. I love quick pages. And especially when they look so good.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to Host aMurder

We had a great time on Friday night. Kourt invited us over to a Murder party. Everyone got dressed up and acted really great. We had lots of yummy food and a super fun time. Emma did a great job in watching the kids. Jacob had to stay home the last 2 days he has strep. But he got the shot and is feeling so much better. I love that we have such great friends that we could do something like this with them. It makes growing older so much more fun.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween pages

Fall time is such a great time to take pictures.

Had to scrap these cute pictures of Leah she is so adorable.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

We always have a fun time when there is food and lots of fun friends. Amanda & Mark were so kind to have the Halloween Party at thier house. We had lots of fun games and great laughs. The kids had a great time to. Seval brought and had some fun games like this Mummy game and bingo and can you guess this person. We had a great time. Halloween is always fun when friends are around. Do we all make one complete body?

Will is such a good sport.
Yes a game we played.

Miley & Camilla

Amanda very yummy spider icecream cake.

Emma, Jade, Drew, Jacey, Jacob just chilling.

Jacob and Drew saying trick or treat to Grandma Great.

Drew & Jacob and The Sorenson brothers with Brent at the Trunk or Treat.
The kids had a great time laughing and dancing.

My children are now big.

You know your children are big . When they want to be big bad scary things.

Emma was paitence and Drew was a dead pirate. And Jacob a scary Ningja.