Welcome friends and Family

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family is the Best

Nana & Bryants& Stathis in Tooele

Stathis, Mathis, Stathis in Salt Lake City

Stathis, Gore, Stathis is Mesa Arizona

Jonathan & Leah

It was so great to see all of Jonathan's family. We got to see lots of family. I love the Holidays getting to see family is so very important. Little Leah reminds me so much like Emma when she was that age.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Drew & Dylan Best Buds Birthday

I can not believe how big both of these boys are getting. I love them so much. Drew has grown so much. Dylan is Drew's favorite person they always get along and they have so much fun together. Dylan has been such a great example for Drew. I am so glad that we were together for the celebration of 2 great boys.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What a Special Day

The Gore Family
Papa & Grandma

Gore Sisters

Ramona & her Mom


Uncle Jonathan

Ramona & her Daddy

It was such a Special day. I am so glad we could come down to Arizona to see Ramona baptized. What a special and beauitful girl she has grown up to be.

On our way to Arizona

Navajo Bridge

Look how much snow.

We love signs that have our name in it.

The kids did such an awesome job on our way to AZ. We stopped at Jacob's lake.

Vilion Concert

Emma did such a great job. She told us that she needed brown pants 3 days before. We were actually able to find them.She is doing so great at the vilion.

1st grade gingerbread house

Ms. Austin & Brennon
Thomas & his grandpa

Jylinn & Brent

Kristi & Jerri

The famous Gingerbread house.

I love when you are in 1st grade that you get to go in and make gingerbread homes. It is so fun and the kids have such a fun time.
I was so excited to do this with Jacob. I have gone with Emma, Drew and now finally Jacob.Then after we decorated the kids sang and danced a song. It was so cute.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We got them

Have you just ever been so excited. We have been looking for about a year now. And around last Feb they were just out of our price range. But we looked 3 weeks ago and they were on sale even better. We were so excited and we were excited that North East here in Cedar City could help us out. They are so great and have put a smile on my face. They were used for the first time to have my Book club over . They were not going to bring them that day but I needed them and they came a little before book club. I love to get new things.

Making Pretzels.


After 30 plates & 30 bags of pretzels. I think we are done. I let Emma help me this year. She is such a big girl . I can not believe she will be 12 in March. Where did the time go. I wanted her to help me out. And she did a great job. Drew did a good job at the sprinkling. Jacob had a great time trying to get to have a taste as often as he could. We had a good time talking and listening to Christmas music. We had a good time delivering we went with Kourt and kids. We had a good time. We just have a few more to deliver. The kids love helping me make things. I really should let them help more often. I started making pretzels when we got married when I was living in VA. We did not make carmels this year. Because last year we could not get them out of the pan and I need to start earlier. So we both can work.

Grandma's Murray Famous Fudge

The finished product.
The making of something so great.
What it takes to make a great fudge.
For a little sneek peak.
This is what I did today.
I learned the secret art of making great fudge. From the master herself.
We had a good time together.

So Merry Christmas.
Callie you will just have to make yourself some.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A very busy Saturday.

Happy Birthday Trevan.

We went to basketball games and then over to the parade. We had a good time at the parade. Trevan was there he turned 3 we went over to his house later in the night. Jacob also went to Josh Lamont bday. Plus I had Stake Baptism's. The kids had a great time at being so busy.

Seeing Santa Claus

Christmas Decoration

The kids were so excited to see Santa Claus. I had Jonathan take the pictures this year. Jacob now wants a pocket rocket. Emma a DS. Drew about anything he sees on t.v. I am so glad that this Santa Claus comes to our ward party. The Riddles did a great job in decorating. The food was yummy.