Welcome friends and Family

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Having Fun with Drew

Drew is Finally 8. What a great 8 year old he is goin to make. He loves to laugh. His new favorite thing is playing with Legos. He loves them and he loves to read and he plays the piano. He is a great child. And we love him so much. He had a great Birthday party with his friends. And for his real party he went with Nanna to the store and picked out more Legos. Then they went to Lunch at Applebees. And he ate everything. And then we went to the movies. Jonathan, Jacob and Drew went to Tales of Desparux. And the girls went to Bedtime stories. I am sure Drew will want to see it. We love you so much . And Happy Birthday.

Having Fun on Christmas

Emma is our Future Singer

Jacob & Drew & Jonathan our looking at the new Star Wars pop up book. It is awesome.

We love our New Webkinz From Aunt Sarah. We have Daisy the goose, Ace the Hippo and Comet the Gecko.

We are going to have lots of fun with Jacob's new nerf game.
The kids are growning so fast. We are so glad that they have been so excited for this Holiday Season. We love you all and missed you all this Christmas.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Having Fun with another baby boy

Congrats go out to Mike and Jenny for going to having a baby boy. We are so excited for you. Out here in cold winter Utah. Aaron will make a great big brother.

Having fun in the snow

Max getting ready to go play in the snow

Drew just built this snow man with the kit given to us by Uncle David and Traci. Looks great.

Emily, Jade and Emma playing in the snow and no they did not help build the snowman they were to busy playing the back sleding down our baby hill.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Having Fun at Thanksgiving.

Finding our best sides for our Family photos.

Nanna was so organized for Turkey day everyone got a chance to cook.

After Emma ballet . There was even a house for Whit

Even the boys got to help.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Having Fun with Santa

What does Jacob want for Christmas. Of course Rock Band
To bad his little fingers will not fit around the guitar. Maybe when you are older. Lots older.
We will just have to see what santa brings you little man.

There are two many things that Emma wants for Christmas. Anything made by Disney or American Girl she will take.

Drew wants Bakugan and a reading lamp. And all things that boys want to have fun. He is so fun.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sweet Birthday Girl

Ramona is growing up so fast.We love her so much. So happy Belated Birthday. We love you.
We had a great Turkey day.
I want to thank my mom for hosting all of us. She always does a great job feeding and cleaning.

Fun Blogs to Check out

I just love finding fun crafty blogs that give candy away and that show the cute ideas that they are doing. I wish I was as creative and could find the time. The first is mommyandbeyond@blogspot.com These is a very cute girl and all I love all the things she comes up with. My next love is the pinkstamper@blogspot.com I have fallen in love she does stamping and the cricut. And has helped me make a few gifts on my own. That is so fun people are willing to share there cute ideas. Thanks