Welcome friends and Family

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Extended Family Time

Kathryn and Barabara
Ericka and Greg
Jonathan, Steve, Tucker
Paul and Coye
Jonathan and his mom.
Bryce and Erin
Barbara and Linda
Paul, Barbara, Linda and Ed
Cheyanne and Kyle
Rebecca and Megan

It was so good to see all of Paul and Coye's children. And to meet and see Megan for the first time. She is so cute and a very fun baby. Bryce and Erin are due in Aug so it will be fun to see what they will have. That is another great part about weddings is to see family. The luncheon was in the Joseph Smith Memorial building in the empire room. It was beautiful the food was good. The company was great to get to see Aunt Linda and to be able to sit with Bryce and Erin was great. They are so fun and are so excited to have a baby. Uncle Ed said some great words of wisdom and was so very humble. It was a great day to spend with family.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Greg and Rebecca

The Bride
Marsha & Erika
Marsha, Groom and Dad
Erika, Groom and Bride
The Happy Couple
Jonathan & Kathryn
Melanie's children
A rainny day. But it was just beautiful to be at the temple to celebarate Greg and Rebecca wedding. It was so good to see Paul and Coye and thier boys and families. We sure missed Ryan though. Greg and Rebecca were so happy.

Always fun to hang out

We always have a good time when we come up to Tooelle. We get to see the cute Bryant family, have great food and sometimes get to even see our Nana. We have a good time helping each other with projects and playing the wii and watching some t.v. Good times. Jonathan was even able to relax and finish a book. Drew got sick so he missed out a little bit on the playing but by the time we had to go he was feeling lots better. Emma was even able to go to a fireside with Kate and Afton. Jonathan helped out Jocelynn doing a puzzle.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Afton

Welcome to the teens Ms. Afton. You are so fun and we hope have the best birthday ever. You are so kind and very talented. We are so glad that you are part of our family. We love that you laugh and want to have fun we love that you are such a great reader. Thanks for your wonderful example. Have a Happy Happy Birthday.

orthodontist to dentist to ortohodontist

Emma had quite the deal. She had gotten a cavity on her back tooth were her springs were. So we first had to go to the orthodontist and get her springs taken off and then back to the dentist office. Where she was a little bit happier than she was the first time. But we had to wait a while for the laughing gas. Then after she was done we had to run back to the orthodontist to get back on her new springs. The orthodontist was being very gentle but she was still very emotional from the dentist that she started to cry. That was her first time ever crying at the orthodontist office they could not believe it. She is now feeling lots better.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Late Valentines Day

Late Sunday night I got a virus on my computer. So I could not get on to the internet. To wish you all a Great Valentines day. I finally got it back today. So Happy valentines day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet Libby

She loves the phone.

Sweet Libby turned 1. She is so cute. I love the way she gets around she scoots on her bottom. She was so interstood in oppening her presents. She got lots of baby dolls. She is a cute little girl. She did not want to many people to hold her. So Hillary got her and Dustin. Jessie did get to hold her for just a minute. Hillary made some sweet cupcakes. They were so yummy. Thank you.

P.s. I found a way that I could put my name on my blog. Just something fun I learned to do. I found this from KevinandAmanda blog they have free font downloads. I love that people will share.