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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just a few pages

Had to scrap these fun pictures. Girls are so much fun to scrap. Especially little babies.

Monday, October 19, 2009

To be in Zions again

It was so beautiful to be in Zions just for a moment. We were looking for Mom's reunnion. So we actually went into Zion's it was so beauitful. My mom was a great worker in Zion and she had great and wonderful times there. It was good to be with my mom. Also the kids went over to Grandma great and picked up all the fruit they had fallen on the ground. They seemed to have a good time. And yes I got sick with this bad sore throat. It is pretty bad. The kids are off one more day for Harvest Holiday and I love that they love to play with each other. Last night we saw the movie Radio and the kids were very touched by this movie. Upcoming this week is Drew's championship soccer game on thursday. I also have my stake training on thursday so hopefully my voice will be in better shape.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What has been going on.

Emma in her new shirt for Cedar Middle School.

The Bryants came down for conference weekend. They had a great time playing with each other.

The girls did this great dance between each of the courses. It was great they had a fun time. The Leaders went to alot of work.

Emma had a great time at her achievement day party.

Jacob's last game. He had a great season.

Jylinn Birthday party All the kids had a great time.

Drew also went to the inflatables and had a great time.

Emma had a great time at Kaden and Madison football game

More Sweet Little Girls

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Look how cute these children are

Oh what great fun it is to see Whitney & Zoey they are just way to cute. These are just the start of these 2 cute children. Whitney and Callie are having a nap and Zack is getting ready for a fishing trip. We went to JoAnne fabric to get material for Drew's Halloween costume. So far great times.

Flying to Michigan

What a beautiful day to fly. I went from Salt Lake City to Denver an on my way I was sitting next to Jeff Judkins he is the coach of BYU women's basketball coach. He was a very polite and humble man. We also had Jim Bateman who is a Dentist in Wyoming and lives in Alpine. He was very kind and young and we were talking of experience with children our wards. The flight with these 2 kind men was so quick and short. Next part of my flight from Denver to Michigan. Was quick and fast. I read a book and just rested. I love when you can get into a great book.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Girl who could fly.

This was a great read. I got this suggestion from Kourt cousin. It was a great book. Different but a very fast read. It reminded me to go after what I want and to always have the passion for what I want and to never let it go. The writting was good. No complaints.

Did you hear

Did you hear the great news. That Sapporo Japan is going to get a temple. I am so excited this is where I served my mission. I am so excited for the saints in Japan. I know it is hard for most of them to to go to Tokyo to go to the temple. How exciting. This makes my heart sing.
I loved conference.