Welcome friends and Family

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Mummy meatloaf Wich Brew-= bat droopings, bone pieces, frog eyes, smashed tombstones, eye of newt. plus ghost blood.

Who knows what Emma will turn into .

For Halloween I wanted to be a little more creative than I have been. There are so many great ideas out there. From the gourmetmom. I got this idea. I thought it would be great because my family loves cereal and they always want to eat it. Also I had a primary program to go to and also I knew I did not want to be cooking all morning. So this worked out perfect for our family.
Then for dinner we had the Jolleys over and I made our mummy football and swamp monster but took no pictures of the swamp monster. The kids loved it. By the way we had our last meatlof for Groundhogs day. So much fun for Halloween.

Jolley Halloween party

Got to love Halloween party. We decorated pumpkin danced and ate and talked. What a great party we had a great time we all had. Thanks Jolley family for a great time.

Happy halloween

Emma aka Alice
Drew aka Army man
Jacob aka Vampire he lost another tooth right before we went out.

Emma aka Alice Wonderland

Emma at her Halloween party. Got to love dry ice.
I am a skier. Emma made my hat.

Emma doing the dance. But you can see the zipper.

What a beautiful Alice.

Amy our awesome paitence friend.

When a child has a costume what they would like to be. I try to be a very awesome mom and get them the costume they would like to be. Emma decided that she would love to be Alice in Wonderland she saw the costume at Target. Well I did go to St. George but never went to Target. When I went to the store there was very much adult Alice and then in the kids section baby Alice. No size in between. So I went to our new JoAnn Fabrics that we have and my good friend suggested that I just make it. Over Harvest holiday I thought I will just go home and let my mom make it. Well that trip did not happen. So I thought I better get on it. So I cut out the matterial and started to sew. When I got to the sleeves I did not feel to great so I went to my friends house and she helped me. I did a lot of unpicking. And a lot of running around to do other things just being a mom. What we do for our children. I am so glad my friend was so paitence with me. The fabric was hard to sew on. It kept sagging and gathering so much fuzz. But it did get done for the big day. And it turned out great. She was a beautiful Alice.

Halloween Safety Play

Emma now in 7th grade this was her first grade teacher Mrs. Topham.
With the McDonald Family

The Cast

This is the cast dancing to Thriller.

Emma as Mrs. White the school teacher to the monsters.

Mrs. White coming back to life.

Doing the monster rap.

Emma tried out for her in-tune Halloween Safety Play. She got the part . There were only 10 kids in the play. She had practise all week and she even missed school on friday to take the play to 2 elementaries. It was so good. I was glad that I could see it 2 times. Emma and her cast did such a great job. They had so much fun the children loved it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let the carving begin

While Dad and Emma went to YMYW to carve Emma's pumpkin the boys and I thought that they should carve thier pumpkins. We had a great time. Jacob always loves having a bat on his. Because he is not to steady yet. I let him draw on his pumpkin he got carried away. But he loves his pumpkin. I just have to say that I love the tools that they sell at halloween for the pumpkin carving they really are good. I never thought I would buy them but one year I got them on clearance for a great price. They are worth the money. So I bought a new package the following the year. Because they are so easy to carve with.


Jacob lost a tooth from the bottom.
Drew made this awesome tool box in scouts. Plus he got tools to go with it.

Emma made this awesome hat and learned how to do some pretty good make up.

On this day something each happened to each of the children. They were all excited. Usually it is just one child that something happens. But today we were lucky and something happened to all of them. They were so excited and happy for each other and for themselves. I love the smiles in these pictures.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Time well Spent

Father and Son

I want to thank Grandma and Papa Stathis for coming to visit us. We were busy reading and driving around. Not to ususal places of going to visit the sites but to vilion concert, intune practise, scouts and picking up children and going to a baptism dinner and to church and for just running around. It is always so nice to see you. We were so excited that we were going to see you before December. Thanks for coming to see us in our busy lives. Thanks for making repairs and for the shelves I love them. Thanks for taking us out to dinner and lunch. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. We love you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Look who got baptised.

We just love this little girl. She is so kind to all of us. And she is just such a sweet little person. She is growning up so fast. She was just beautiful and very happy. Which you could say she is

all the time. Thanks for letting us be part of your day.

Jacob loves to play soccer.

gotta have great treats to play soccer.

Jacob with his great team.

Jacob with his coach.

Jacob loved playing soccer. At one game he scored 4 goals. He really started to love at the middle of the season. His team was with the younger team this year. But they had a great time and a great coach. I just love how happy he was to go to the games and the practise.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A shout out of Thanks

I just wanted to let everyone know. That we have the best of friends. They have been so good to us. I want to thank the Jolley family for helping move out the blue couch and for Kourt for helping me take out the boys furniture and then bring it back in. This would not have been done with out your help. So thank you so much.
Also to the Burr family for your constant support. Thanks so much for putting together a bookshelf for me.
Thanks to the Kastanes family for inviting and sharing your joy of the giants. I think I might just turn into a giants fan.
I just want again to say thank you. You all make our lives so much better. Thank you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

4th Grade Field Trip

What can be more fun than spend a day with 60 4th graders. To go see Parowan Gapp and Parowan park and Cedar Breaks. I have never been to Parowan gapp it was beautiful and then down the road there were dino footprints on a rock. Plus there were many rattlesnake skins and even an alive one. What a adventure we had. I was in charge of Drew and 5 of his friends. At Cedar Breaks we even took a small hike and had lunch. It was a great day.