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Friday, March 30, 2012

Emma's Day

She is now a mia maid.

Emma with her great Leader Sister Cox.

Aunt Callie fun gift.

So excited to get a phone.

She had a great fun party the next day.
She has great friends they had a great 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Emma

I can't believe this girl is 14. Where did the time go. I 
am so very blessed to be this girl mother. I am so 
glad that she is so happy and she is so
pretty and so excited to have
fun and to do so many things.
We love you have a happy Birthday.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Science Fair

Drew had a great time doing his 
project. He loved having a few
friends come over and playing 
some video game while learning
about the heart.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Basketball Time

We just finished up both boys 
season of basketball they both 
had a great coaches and they had 
a good time playing basketball.

So excited to be going

I want to thank my in-laws for this great gift for being able 
to go 
to this photo workshop.  I am looking forward to this 
fun workshop and to improve my skills.

Happy Birthday

Callie was so fun to send this to me.
It said Have a ball.

Michelle K took me out to Lunch and then we went and 
I got my toes done.

Grandma got me some books.

It was so fun to have my mom be here for my birthday.
I woke up to this cute decor from my mom and children.

My Friend made this yummy German Chocolate Cake for me
it was so very delicious.

Me with my 2 cute boys.

Seval did the games and Kourtney did the decorations and 
the yummy food. We all went to Costa Vida for dinner.
I have the best friends.
My mom so good we went shopping and she was
so good to let me pick out the colors that I can wear.
Then we went to pastry pub  it was so good.
I have the best Mom she is so kind and good.

Kourtney was so good she even made flan for me and 
it was so good. Thanks so much.

I also want to thank  Jenny, David and Sarah and Callie 
and Melanie and Sister Orr for sending me cards.
Thanks so much for thinking of me.