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Monday, April 27, 2009

Pinewood Derby 1

This is my first page for the Pinewood Derby. I have before shots of making the card. I will work on those and then put those up to share. Drew had a great time at his first pinewood derby he was very excited he won his first race. But did not do to great at overall. But now he has a feeling on how it is to be done. Jonathan helped him. But Drew painted and came up with the design his number are 753 his den numbers.
By no means am I a proffesional but here are a few things that I used. Great designers. I am so glad they are so willing to share.
Template by Just2morethings
papers by GLTC
Elements by Pouyou
alpha by: myemmadoodle.blogspot.com


My sweetheart is so good to me we just celebrated our 12th aniversary. Nothing to big but were together. Jonathan is such a good husband and an excellent Father the kids just love him. He is a big softie but he is teaching them what they need to know in this life to help them get on to the next one. We have had some tuff challenges but have been able to get through it. It has been so good to share my life with this sweet man who is my Mr. Darcy. I am so glad that he loves me for who I am. I am looking the days and years to come to keep knowing each other and still loving each other. I am so grateful that we are a match and that he helps me so much.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth Day

This was a new experience for all of us to celebrate earth day. We had a great time over at SUU learning about Earth Day. What a neat experience and it was such a beautiful day. And all the kids were so great and they had such a fun time screaming, facepainting and seeing a parie dog and rubbing thier hands in glass that was made for sand. Loved these papers I found for scrapbooking.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Month of March

I worked on this last night. It took forever. I am pretty happy with its result. I used the pictures from doing 365. So that was fun to see all the pictures I had taken.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spending Time with Aunt Callie and Whitney

We had such a great time with Callie and Whitney coming to see us before they headed out to Michigan. Just thought I would start scraping some of the pictures we took.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More projects for 365

I have loved working on digital scrapbooking. It is fun when I have some time. Emma is still not feeling to great we are now going on 5 days. On week 8 Emma had her braces on for a week and she passed by passing up on popcorn.
She is doing a great job with her braces.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 14

Can you believe we are even past week 14. This year is going bye to fast. I love the templates from Morinals. I just love these templates.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I finally worked on my scrapbooking.

I had some time last night so I worked on some of my digital scrapbooking.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week 9

I am working on Project 365 . Which you take a picture everyday. And then write about your week. So I thought I would share what we have been doing. So hopefully I can keep up with this project. It has been fun to see what we have really been doing. Oh by the way we are on week 15. So I need to get going.

Look How Cute

Look How cute. This is David and Traci cute Baby we are so excited to meet her. She will be here in Utah in May. Don't you just love all that hair.
This little boy is Aaron he is our cousin that live in Virginia. He is getting so big. We just love when we see pictures of our cute family. We love you and miss you.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Wagners are moving.

We had to get together before Callie & Whitney made the long journey back to Michgan. We had a great time.Zach dropped Callie and Whitney off and then left in the moving truck to go to Michigan. Nanna came down Thursday night and then Sarah and the kids came down on Friday with a snow storm . We were very glad to see each other. We played Bunco, Scum and watched conference and they all went to get haircuts and then we had manicures and pedicures pictures to come for that.

we got the chance to go and visit Grandma Great. The kids had a good time taking pictures and visting. The time together was just great to be together. The kids got all along.
We wish the Wagner family best of luck.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More of Emma's Birthday

We had a way fun family party for Emma. We had a good time. Talking about the Biggest Looser. And Jessie even got to meet Flippee the Tongans and we all said Tara has worked very hard. Emma got money from Grandma Great. That makes her very happy. We also got out the Nerf guns. And Hillary taught us a New game. We all had a great time. It is so much fun to have family around. So Thanks everyone for sending Emma love and calling her and wishing her a Happy Birthday. Her achievement day Leaders brought over yummy sugar cookies. Which are Emma's Favorite cookie.

Happy Birthday Emma

We just love our cute Emma. She had her hair done so she could movie star at the movies. She took Jade and Charlotte to the movies. And she had cupcakes that had whip cream on them and she love whip cream. That is her favorite. She actually had her birthday on sunday and she loved openning her presents on Mom and Dads bed. She actually woke up early and that is why she is in our room. She loved openning her presents. She loves High School Musical and she got a lot of theme presents. Which she did not mind at all. The boys even got a hair cut. They are so cute.

What we have been up to

I just got back from Salt Lake City. From the general trainning for Primary. I went up with Jennifer who is the President she was so kind to let me tag along and stay at her mom's home. Which had the most comfortable bed. I have ever slept on. Now that is on my need and want list. When we woke up it was snowing and a very cold day. But the meeting was so good and it will help with our leadership trainning in April. I loved the feeling and the Church is just right on track. It was great and I am so glad that I went. While I was gone Jonthan even entained a guest . Thal Dixon came up he is moving up to Sandy. So hopefully we will get to see him some more. Thal is Jonathan's friend from High School and from his home ward in VA. When I find a picture I will post with it. When I got back home Drew had scouts/socceer and then the 2nd grade program. Jonathan had city counsel. We are so blessed to have such great friends. Kourtney took care of the kids so Jonathan could get ready. And then Jacob wanted to stay and play and not go to Drew's program and then she helped by taking Emma to her Dance picture. So she helped our family out a ton. So thank you Kourtney you are the best. And she also made us dinner. Is that not sweet or what. I will be so glad for Thursday. That was a lot of running around for one day. And it is only Thursday.

This is Noah and he just turned 1. He is a cute little boy that is in our ward. And he is just so cute. It was to cold and windy here in Cedar City and we had the fun party at our house. This keeps us young having all the cute babies to know and love. This cute baby is Bradley they are also in our ward and he is 8 months. And his Dad was the Joker on Halloween so he is really fun and is great with the kids. Drew could not get enough. of this little baby.

Drew had his 2nd grade program wednesday it was all about bugs. He is an army ant. He had 2 parts and did a great job. This is his friend Jett.

This is Jade, Emma, Charlotte getting ready to go to the show for her birthday. More to come on that .

We have had such a busy week with Birthdays and things and places to be.