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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy Busy

I think summer was made to have a relaxing time. While enjoying up some of the sunshine rays. But for the children it is how many activities you can put in one week or one day. We just started up swimming lessons. So that means we need to practise each and every day. Except for today we have a break because we have child #2 in machine pitch ball. Which I think tonight it our officially last game. Then we want to go the park and go to every new movie that comes out. And of course all the popscicles we can eat. But we are sure having fun,


Scott and Kourt said...

Nice blog except that you have no info. not even a picture. Have you been scared into giving info. on your blog? Well, I guess until we meet again at the secret location #3 see you later friend #1

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