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Monday, February 2, 2009

Drew earned his Bobcat

We are so proud of Drew he has only been in Cub Scouts for only a month and has earned his Bob Cat we are so happy for Drew. At our pack meeting the boyscout getting their award has to give their mom a kiss in front of everyone or give everyone else a kiss. So mom gets the kiss and Dad a hug. Our Theme was games so Drew is trying to pull off a clip with his elbow. It was fun but also a challenge.
Way to go Drew.


eight happy "hardts" said...

Isn't it great seeing your kids be successful at things? I love it! This is your first one in scouts, right? So you are now a scouting mom, fun, fun!

Scott and Kourt said...

Congrats Drew! That is awesome.

Megan B said...

LOL, I love the kissing rule. They know boys, don't they?

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