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Sunday, November 27, 2011

wii outdoor challenge

This is Sarah and Dan against each other.
When I got the wii  I found a super fun game called outdoor challenge. Well we told the Bryant family about it and they have the game to. So when we get together for a period of time and not to tried we have a challenge with each other. And we are in a tournament. Everyone gets to play. And we have a good time cheering each other on.

                                                    Zack and Callie

                                                Kate and Savannah. Savannah did a great job this was the first time she every played the game.

                                            Dylan is the master he has now won every time we play each other.

 We all have a good time watching each other. It usually comes down to Jonathan and Dylan for the winner and Dylan wins. We need to practise when everyone goes home.

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