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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Emma singing us a song.

Trevin playing the piano.

Hillary and Dustin playing the piano together.

Why does everyone have money do you ask. Aunt Beth puts money in
Easter Eggs for Christmas so that we will remember Christ birth and
his death and his Resurrection. The kids love hiding the eggs from each
other and we sing Christmas songs they get louder or softer if they are 
close or if they are far away.

Laura was the big winner with 5 dollars. She is super excited.

For the Christmas Pagenat Jacob decided to be a camel or a donkey.

Trevin needed to ride him.

So did Laura. Jacob was a great sport.

Emma was the angel.

Dad read the story from the scriptures.

Drew was a wiseman. We had a great night. 


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