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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Solar Eclipse

So before this all started I did not get our glasses til Friday afternoon Mom and I went and waited in line for about a half hour it was like a panic the town of Cedar City was not prepared for this. It really made me stop and think about how many other things that I am not prepared for. So time to get Prepared. I was glad that we went when we did because it was very cool. We ended up with 6 pairs of  glasses and then a friend brought over 2 more pair. So we were able to have one for each of the children and then we shared some with some friends of Hillary so it all worked out good.
So for the Big Solar Eclipse we headed over to Hillary and Dustin home where
the kids played for a while and we all ate and then we went over to a church near bye. It was so cool I am sure glad we were able to see it. The glasses were awesome 1 pair made it white the next would make it orange and Chris had welding glass which made it green. It was a beautiful day and night.

I got the rest of the pictures from Ginger Heally. They were awesome.

The Ring of Fire.


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