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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taliesin west

This was Frank Lloyd Wright summer home. Taliesin West.
It was very stunning. It was very hot when we toured 
the place. I did not realize that the tour would be outside.

The drafting Room.

The doors to the Kitchen.

Jonathan really wanted to go see this 
home. So that is what we did.

A memorial to his children.

A water well that had to be covered.

Jacob by a display of the design he made for a resort
he made in Hawaii.

This was a great home. Jacob asked a lot of questions 
The students would live in this home for 6 months and then move back
east.  We learned that he wanted his students to be well rounded 
so they learned to cook and  build and design things. They became a 
master at many things. But he was married to his work.
He was very talented this home was amazing. He had things down to the 
very detail.


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