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Friday, October 24, 2008

Great Family and Great in-laws

We are so lucky to have great family.
Is helping with Melanie and Jenny& Mike are in Germany. Which I am so jealous. I would love to go on vacation.


Kyle and Jamie said...

Hey kathryn...it's Jamie Robinson!! I have been reading your blog for awhile so I thought I would write you a little note!! Your pictures are so cute...it makes me miss Cedar so much.I hope you are doing well!!

Jenny said...

We are so lucky to have YOU guys! What ... I can't believe Drew is in kindergarten. What is up with that? :) I can't believe how fast they grow. We just got home from Germany and I couldn't believe how much Aaron had changed in just a week. ;) Miss you guys! Thanks for the phone call. We'll try calling you very soon. Love, Jenny

melanie said...

jenny, you're silly! Jacob is in kindergarten not drew. Remember the twin cousins, Sasha & Jacob, started kindergarten this year.

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