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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Having Fun with Santa

What does Jacob want for Christmas. Of course Rock Band
To bad his little fingers will not fit around the guitar. Maybe when you are older. Lots older.
We will just have to see what santa brings you little man.

There are two many things that Emma wants for Christmas. Anything made by Disney or American Girl she will take.

Drew wants Bakugan and a reading lamp. And all things that boys want to have fun. He is so fun.


Jenny said...

Lucky kids! You have to pay $25 here to sit on Santa's lap and have your picture taken -- and that's the cheapest package! Maybe I'm just a cheapskate mom, but I think that's too much! I guess our children will be deprived of sitting on Santa's lap! :(

Jenny said...

p.s. Maybe we can get Steve to dress up as 'Ole Saint Nick! ... hehehe :)

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