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Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday

Callie was so fun to send this to me.
It said Have a ball.

Michelle K took me out to Lunch and then we went and 
I got my toes done.

Grandma got me some books.

It was so fun to have my mom be here for my birthday.
I woke up to this cute decor from my mom and children.

My Friend made this yummy German Chocolate Cake for me
it was so very delicious.

Me with my 2 cute boys.

Seval did the games and Kourtney did the decorations and 
the yummy food. We all went to Costa Vida for dinner.
I have the best friends.
My mom so good we went shopping and she was
so good to let me pick out the colors that I can wear.
Then we went to pastry pub  it was so good.
I have the best Mom she is so kind and good.

Kourtney was so good she even made flan for me and 
it was so good. Thanks so much.

I also want to thank  Jenny, David and Sarah and Callie 
and Melanie and Sister Orr for sending me cards.
Thanks so much for thinking of me.


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