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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tough Boy on board

What a beautiful  Sunday day we had the boys were in the back I was
making dinner. And I see  Jacob climbing the tree and quickly come down and
then a line down the middle of his head. Jonathan said just let them play outside it is fine. He came to the kitchen with blood dripping down. He said I was climbing the tree to make a tire  swing. So we went over to the Keys  to see if they could help us out. They said it  was deep so we went to the ER they gave us the option of  having an ice pack on for 24 hrs or  having numbing cream and then 1 staple. They said the numbing cream would be hard on him. So he choose the 1 staple they cleaned of his wound and then gave him his 1 staple. He was so brave he did not even flinch. My very brave boy. He loved showing this picture to his class. It is right before his crown and since he has so much hair you do not even know it is in there.


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