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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wow what a day

Kathryn Stathis honored as Volunteer of the Month

The North Elementary PTA honored Kathryn Stathis for her outstanding service by single handedly producing the Yearbook for the past 3 years. Kathryn has attended nearly every school function for the past 3 years and taken photos to be included for the annual yearbook. She lays out the yearbook with pain staking details to make sure each child is recognized. Parents, students and teachers at North Elementary appreciate her donation of countless hours in putting together and getting the annual yearbook printed. Thank you Kathryn for time and efforts in taking on this huge responsibility and carrying it out in a fabulous fashion.

--Heidi Miller, North Elementary PTA

I was so surprised when Heidi called and told me to come to the district office
to come and get an award. I could not believe it. So I took Drew and Jonathan and they first had the thought then the prayer and  then Heidi got up and said these nice things the write up from the top and then gave me a certificate and a plant and a gift certificate.
I was very grateful and very overwhelmed. It was a great day I even had to comment just a little bit. Wow is all I can say. And thank you.



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