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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Arizona Cardinals

Whenever we went out we would see these signs. 

We were lucky this is the week that the Cardinals come to NAU
and have Summer Training Camp. And they offer the 
practise free to anyone who wants to come and watch.
What a great way to get new fans.

The only problem was lots of people came and it was very hot.

Aunt Jenny heard that after practise they would come and sign
autographs so we went down to the field and waited and waited.
We had a good time. 

I finally got a players attention it was cool he came right over to us and 
told him thanks and asked a few questions. He was very nice.
The Kids thought this was awesome. We got a lot of people
around us so this is the best picture we got.

Fox 10 news was there Emma loves to see the anchor people and
she wants to be on t.v. I feel bad I can not even remember this man's name.
He was so nice to let us each take a picture with him.

We find out the Lumber Jack name is Louie and we also found
out that SUU will be NAU rivals from now on. 


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