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Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Olympics

Warrior Leah

Warrior Grant

First to get the Warriors Ready. Sasha did a great job of face painting those
who wanted to get their face painted.

She was so kind and very patience with the little ones.

Warrior Max

Warrior Aaron

Warrior Sasha

Warrior Emma

Warrior Drew

Warrior Lucia
We also did the hula hoop contest.

  The Olympics began with an egg race.

We even recruited another little girl at the park to help out David and Tracey team.

Then we had a long jump.

Then we had a foot race.

Uncle David and Uncle Mike G came in at a photo finish.

Everyone had a great time. And it was fun to get out of the house after watching the Olympics we can and all want to win a gold medal. David got a little sick after running he has not been doing to much exercise since he broke his ankle in Feb. He was a great sport.

Warrior Sarah


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