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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hurricane Meet

The Line up from the back we just came and we are 
so glad we did not miss her race.

Being told about the course. The Varsity ran first then it was the JV time.

Here she is running bye us.

She now really knows that her Mom is cheering her on.

Running with her friend Jaymie.

She was so hot she wanted Jacob to cool her down.

We love this girl we are so proud of her. She ran it in 
29. She is improving. She makes me so happy I was so glad
she is such a great girl. 

Her new signature pose after she is done running.

With her friends Kaylen, Jaymie and Whitney they are
really good with each other and they are a great support for 
one another.

We are so glad Nana could take us down to Hurricane to 
see Emma race.We also had Jacob we went to the mall and 
out to the Cracker Barrel to eat we had a great day.

Emma still has so much energy after the race she could still play and 
climb. We love her so much and she did a fabulous job.


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