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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Head Cold Don't You Just love them

I think I made my husband almost faint when I was going out and said that I would be back in a minute. I actually had to drive get my yummy cheesecake and came back home in about 10 minutes. Because I have an awful cold. So I have been sleeping and using as much kleenex as possible. It has been awful. # 3 has loved all the t.v & movies he has been able to watch. But I feel as if I am getting better which is great. But I have to be slow or I get a little dizzy. #1 has been super busy with piano and violin and with ballet and with socceer but she loves it all. #2 has been busy with socceer and piano and once again another loose tooth. Which you all know drives me crazy. He is on a field trip today and I am sure will have a great time up in the mountains.
DH has been great with putting the children to bed and even made dinner last night which was a big help.
All is good here.
Blog soon.


Jenny said...

Get well soon!! We're feeling icky here ourselves...lots of coughing. It must be the change of weather. In any case, hope you get well soon. Thinking of you!

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