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Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Fun

We just got back from camping. We sure had a great time being with family. And riding big 4wheelers and having some great crafts to do. And no we did not see any bears.
My sister is so great to have gotten us all to be organzied and we have seen some beautiful mountains we have been places where it has rainned alot, cold, windy, hot. This place it rainned mostly at night and once in the day for a very short time. Enough time that the boys had a great wrestling match inside the tent.
The children love going camping and spending time with family. This has been a great new tradition and we love it and we are so very grateful that we have such a fun family.
The kids are all getting so big so it is fun to play games with them and have them go exploring we had the whole campground to ourselves it was the best ever.
Thanks family.


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