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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference

It is that great time of the year when we get the beautiful meeting with the children's teachers. I have decided it is better to talk to the teachers by myself or with DH. DH was busy so that meant I went by myself. And then go home and talk with DH about what went on. The children are doing good with a few improvements that can be made. I just wish all teachers could tell you that you are doing a great job and that they love having your children. And that other parents would not come in the room and interupt your time. So that you do not feel so rushed. It all went well. And once again my children are my favorites and they are so good to me . S o I am very blessed.
P.s. #1 is in the playoff with soccer which she is totally excited about. So go stinging bumble bees.


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