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Monday, September 1, 2008


For August I finshed 2 books. Breaking Dawn the last of the Twlight series. I am very glad this series is over it was fun. But I have read better books. But I am glad I took the time to read these books. By far I liked Twlight the best . It will be fun to see how the movies will turn out. And it was fun to know what all the excitement was for these books.
The next was the The Friday Night Knitting Club. This was choosen by my book club. It was slow to start out with and then it got pretty good. The thing I learned most about this book was that. We all need friends and family with understanding and that we need people to talk with and share things with. I am so blessed that I have a good family and good friends. Thank you so much.
So if you want to read a book these are pretty good books.
So get reading.


Jenny said...

I am reading "Twilight." It's a little teeny-bopperish, but it's fun, light reading. I am at the part where she just found out that Edward is a vampire. Intriguing! :)

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